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In addition to being an incredible musician, I consider Herb Ohta Jr. to be a remarkable human being and a treasured friend. Our business relationship evolved out of Herb’s appreciation of the Reyn Spooner® product and my appreciation of this young man’s talent. Suzie Metivier, our store manager at Reyn’s Ala Moana, mentioned that Herb, a frequent customer, wanted to know if he and fellow musician, Keoki Kahumoku, could wear our shirts on their CD cover photos and while they perform. Needless to say, I was flattered. When Herb and Keoki agreed to do some in-store performances and to appear in our Christmas TV commercials, I was indeed pleased and honored. Herb continues to perform in our stores from time to time, and we are thrilled to be able to offer his music to our customers. I can honestly say that Herb Ohta Jr. is an inspiration for musicians and young people everywhere.

Timothy R. McCullough
Former President / CEO
Reyn’s & Reyn Spooner®


Herb has a powerful gift in his ability to create soothing music with his ukulele in a unique and subtly sophisticated style. He creates accessible music for the people, and shares it in so many ways. His humble and professional demeanor always makes it a pleasure to work with him. He has supported us for many years, and we are proud to have him as an ambassador for our company wearing our shirts. I am honored to know him, and always look forward to his next CD!

Kirk Hubbard, III
Reyn Spooner®
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He is one of my favorite 'ukulele players. The traditional Hawaiian songs that he arranges with his originality relaxes my heart with the light and jaunty melody line. As soon as I hear his music, I know it's his 'ukulele because of the unmistakable precision and the high technique.
He inherited his father's musical talent but I think his technique of the harmonics might have surpassed his father's. I am not even worthy of evaluating his 'ukulele music though I write this as an owner of one 'ukulele shop and a fan of Herb Ohta, Jr.'s.

Kenichi Nishimoto
'Ukulele Pua Pua
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One of the things we are asked most often is what is the best thing about opening ʻUkulele Source.  The answer is very simple; all the people we have met and new friends we have made. We were very fortunate to meet Herb Ohta, Jr one of the most prolific ʻukulele players of our generation. All of Herb’s CDs have consistently  been top sellers in our store. He executes all of his music from his heart whether it is an original song or one that has been previously recorded. One of the things that impresses most about Herb is his generosity. He always finds time in his busy schedule to visit children who are stricken with illness or visit the elderly who otherwise might not have the chance to see him perform. He is also one of the most humble people that we know, never wanting to draw attention to himself. We are truly blessed to know Herb. He is like a son to us.

Ma and Pop Kai
ʻUkulele Source